Dog Bath Appointments:

Happy pets are those that are nice and clean!


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Once upon a time.....................
there were a pack of scruttey furry friends who wished for a special day with a groomer that would

  • Provide them individual Attention
  • Respectful handling
  • Convenience of curb service for my owner
  • No cage drying
  • Worry from social anxiety
  • Caring certified groomers
  • Truck designed specifically for grooming
  • Work done with the latest tools

they were glad that they had found it all here. They looked so forward to their furry affair.

Book a Bath for your Furry little Friend

Los Angeles Premiere Mobile Pet Grooming Company

April's Furry Tail is an onsite service that is equipped to offer a full range of dog grooming services. We would love to groom your furry family members big and small.

Convenient for you - you and your dog don't have to leave your home. You leave the fur in our van not in your car !

April’s Furry Tail provides all the typical grooming activities ears clean, sanitation trim, nails trim, paw pad trim, warm water bath, express anal glands, clean eyes, hand blow dry, brush coat, scissor finish, spritz of cologne, bow or bandana

Pet Grooming for pet Owners that Care

April’s Furry Tail does not leaves your pet in caged environment.
We reduce the stress on your pet by completing most grooming appointments within a 2 hour period, so your pet will be happier too.

Convenient for you: You and your dog do not have to leave your home. You leave the fur in our van not all over your car!


Something Special For You Pet Owners


Off - Offer Valid on Your First Grooming Service